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San Francisco Federal Credit Union proudly serves the communities of San Francisco and San Mateo County. 近70年来,十大彩票游戏平台始终坚持“人与人之间互相帮助”的理念.1954年,在卡普街(Capp Street)的一张厨房餐桌上,我开始了一段不起眼的旅程, to becoming the full-service, 十大彩票游戏平台今天是多分支机构的金融机构, we pride ourselves on making a difference in the financial lives of our members and dedicating time and resources to improving our communities.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, our board members are volunteers; we do not have stockholders demanding higher profits. Our earnings are returned to the membership by offering savings products with higher returns and loans with lower rates.

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Philosophy and Core Values

San Francisco Federal Credit Union believes in strong driving principles to deliver exceptional member service. 这是十大彩票游戏平台使命的一部分,提供真正的, 以一种让成员感到舒适和支持的方式提供专业建议.

What is our mission?

We are a high-performing and empowered team of financial professionals serving Bay Area communities by providing innovative solutions that bring peace of mind and financial stability.

Credit Union employees look to our four core values for moral guidance and professional consistency when interacting with members.

Serve More

  • 始终如一,热情地提供卓越的会员体验
  • 教育和主动创造解决方案,以满足成员的需求
  • 以成员希望被对待的方式对待他们

Partner More

  • 倾听、支持和尊重多样性
  • Collaborate to build effectiveness
  • Encourage positive energy

Own More

  • 遵守承诺并负责任
  • 在每一个决定和行动中都表现出正直
  • 拥有信用社成功的所有权

Be More

  • 挑战自我,寻求成长的机会
  • Be better than you were yesterday
  • Be part of the solution

十大可靠彩票平台是一家非营利性的会员制金融机构. 十大彩票游戏平台与大银行的不同之处在于,十大彩票游戏平台为存款账户提供更高的收益和股息, 降低贷款利率,收取更少的费用. 此外,会员还可以免费使用全国3万多台自动取款机.

For over 65 years our mission has been to make financial life easier for our members and their families. 十大可靠彩票平台提供真品, 以一种让成员感到舒适和支持的方式提供专业建议. 十大彩票游戏平台邀请您成为会员,享受十大彩票游戏平台提供的诸多福利. Membership is open to those who live, work, 去旧金山或圣马特奥县上学或做礼拜.

Senior Leadership Team

Jonathan Oliver

Jonathan P. Oliver

President & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Oliver joined the Credit Union in 2017 and brings over 20 years of banking and financial services experience. In his role as President and CEO, he works closely with the San Francisco Federal Credit Union team and Board of Directors to create strategic plans, set priorities, 并确保组织运作健全. Jonathan holds a Master of Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a Bachelor of Science with a double major in finance and psychology from Portland State University.

Ray Shams

Ray Shams

Chief Lending Officer

Ray Shams joined the Credit Union in 2017, bringing over 30 years of lending and risk management experience. Ray持有University of La Verne的工商管理硕士学位.

Kirsten 2023

Kirsten Madsen

Chief Operating Officer

Kirsten Madsen joined the credit union in 2023 and brings almost 30 years of banking and financial services experience.  In her role as COO, 她与多个部门密切合作, including the branches and service center to ensure we are providing our members with exceptional service and solid products and services.  Kirsten holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California at Berkeley and an Executive Leadership certificate from UPenn Wharton Business School. 

Board Members



Our story started in 1954 when accountant George Trelut wanted to provide financial security for his family. 为了支持他的同事, he sought to provide a responsible financial institution where everyone could obtain affordable loans, 安全地存钱,并在自己的财务经历中获得发言权. 今天,十大彩票游戏平台继续追求和培育同样的理想.

Ground Breaking


十大可靠彩票平台, 作为社会的一员意味着有回馈社会的责任感, in a variety of ways. We help community members become financially literate by offering numerous free webinars and seminars throughout the year. We help organizations who help the less fortunate by donating – whether it be through clothing or food drives, 通过向慈善机构捐款或员工通过十大彩票游戏平台的社区分享计划志愿服务.

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